Celebrate Rich Kaplan – Our Very Own Jersey Boy

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Our upcoming President’s Ball will honor our esteemed Ohev Shalom president, Rich Kaplan on Saturday, May 5, and has our most ambitious fundraising goal ever.  We ask you to help us meet our goal by serving as a generous sponsor of this special event and celebrating our favorite “Jersey Boy.”

Yes, Rich boasts New Jersey roots, which explains his devotion to Bruce Springsteen and his crazed loyalty to the Yankees and the Jets.  He’s also been one of our hardest-working synagogue leaders for over 10 years.  Rich began by leading our Strategic Plan effort, which led us to hire Rabbi Jeremy Gerber, to put music into all of our services, to put Ohev Shalom on firmer financial footing, and to restructure how our three Vice Presidents work with our committee structure.  This has made Ohev Shalom a much more organized and productive synagogue, and has stabilized our membership with a growing number of younger congregants.  This Strategic Plan was so comprehensive and visionary that it earned a prestigious and competitive Solomon Schechter Award.

In his productive tenure, Rich revitalized Ohev’s USY chapter, created our Ohevvy Hitters softball team, chaired the Ways and Means Committee, and served as Men’s Club President.  Rich went on to serve as a Third Vice President and has moved forward every two years, and now serves as our President.  Most recently, his High Holiday speech described the progress we’ve made in improving our security systems and technology, the successful completion of our Kol Echad capital campaign, and our growing membership.  Rich has inspired Amy Graham to succeed him in June, with Joel Fein and David Hoffman in the wings.  And we have every anticipation that Rich’s leadership will inspire others to come forward to continue our succession of able leadership.


With thanks for your kind consideration,

Frances Sheehan and Andy Szabo
Sponsorship Co-Chairs

Rebecca and Kyle Berman
Jane and Josh Cohen
Laurie and Curt Krouse
President’s Ball Co-Chairs