Children of Israel Mosaics


2015-06-23-Children--of-Israel-Mosaics-Naphtali-2If you’ve been in the Ohev Shalom sanctuary, you’ve seen how the space is being transformed by mosaics created by Philadelphia-based artist Heather Bryson. By mid- 2016, you will see fourteen of these magnificent panels adorning the side walls of our main sanctuary. Together, they will tell the story of our Jewish ancestry: Children of Jacob; clans of Israel; women in the Bible; rivaling Jewish nations; our ancient priesthood; and the Ten Lost Tribes.

Embedded within each hand-crafted work of art are personal heirlooms placed by congregants who have participated in the assembly of the mosaic. Among these treasured mementoes are pottery shards, earrings, keys, buttons, cuff links, mezuzahs, pins, soil from Masada, playing cards, and other items of sentimental value.

As each pair of mosaics is completed, we have been dedicating them, either on a Shabbat morning or on other community-wide occasions. Usually, we use this as an opportunity to learn about the tribes depicted in the mosaics.

We are tremendously grateful to life-long congregant, Charlotte Snyder of blessed memory, who inspired the project and generously allowed us to make it possible.

We are also grateful to those Kol Echad Centennial Campaign donors who have dedicated mosaic panels.