Ohev Shalom Legacy Society

Now is the time to join a dedicated group of Ohev Shalom members who, like you, believe in the future of our synagogue.Become a founding member of the Ohev Shalom Legacy Society.The Ohev Shalom Legacy Society will help guarantee that our Jewish presence in Delaware County shines as bright for future generations of Ohev Shalom members as it shines for our members today.

How large a bequest are we asking?

We are asking you to give only what makes sense to you and is affordable. We want Ohev Shalom to be a part of your financial plan.

When is a good time to become a member of the Ohev Shalom Legacy Society?
Why not now? Why not provide your synagogue with funds that will not affect your current income or budget now.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Ohev Shalom Legacy Society?
Depending on the type of your donation, there may be a tax savings. Of course you will want to consult with your tax advisor. In fact, the Legacy Society may spur you to prepare the will or the estate plan you have been putting off for too long. There is also that feeling that comes with doing something good for your community, the community that gives back to you. And, because Ohev Shalom is your local, Jewish community, you know where all your dollars are going and how they are being used.

Will my intentions be acknowledged?
Each Legacy Society member will be recognized and acknowledged. There will be mention of your joining the Society during the following High Holy Days. Articles will be published in The Honey Jar. And special events will be held from year to year for members of the Legacy Society.

This sounds good.
How do I get more information?

Call Andy Szabo at 610-543-2173 or email him at aszabo9392@aol.com to begin your confidential conversation.