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Download Completed Shabbat Prayer List (PDF)

The following list contains all the prayer melodies used at Shabbat services at Ohev Shalom. The tunes in this list will be used at Junior Congregation services as well as in most services in the Main Sanctuary.

There are 2 columns: The first for Friday evening Shabbat songs; the second for Shabbat morning songs.

Students will be expected to learn all the songs for their grade and for all younger grades. The goal will be that all students will have learned ALL prayers recited at Shabbat services so that they can lead them all by the time they have graduated Mispallelim.

There are 2 types of files included on this site. The pdf files open up to show the complete service with pages marked as in Siddur Sim Shalom. Clicking on a button next to a prayer will play that melody (make sure your speakers are on!). Each class page includes all mp3 files needed for each grade. Please feel free to download these files to transfer them to mp3 players, iPods, CDs, etc.

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