Dedicate a New Prayerbook

A Lasting Gift…

Are you looking for a meaningful and lasting gift for a family member or friend? After careful consideration, Congregation Ohev Shalom has purchased the recently published Jewish Conservative Shabbat/Festival prayer book, Siddur Lev Shalem.  This purchase was made possible through the use of the Frank M. Rech Prayerbook Fund and will be a meaningful addition to our Shabbat morning services. The new siddurim will allow us to increase inclusivity and participation in our synagogue through nearly full transliteration and egalitarian text. They also include notations on each page that provide for further
contemplation and background for the prayers we say.  The authors of Siddur Lev Shalem have provided a fresh approach to the services. In their own words:

Our hope is that this Shabbat/Festival Siddur will allow each congregant to engage the world of Jewish prayer in a vital way. In Jewish tradition, study and prayer have always been intimately linked. With this in mind, this Siddur consists of four main elements linking study and prayer- the liturgical Hebrew text, translation, commentary, and meditational readings- each carefully prepared with attention to the contemporary worshipper.

We are very excited to be making this transition. You can become a part of this transition by dedicating a new Siddur to your loved ones. Book plates with your dedications will be placed into the prayer books and provide a perfect way to
commemorate the special event of someone you love, like a birth, bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, graduation or any wonderful lifecycle event. Dedication plates may also serve as a perfect way to honor the memory of a loved one.

Dedication plates are available for placement into the new Siddur Lev Shalom , for the donation of $54 each.
All contributions will go towards replenishing the Frank M. Rech Prayer Book Fund.

Dedicate Siddur Lev Shalem