Staying Connected, and Learning at Home

There are lots of ways to stay connected to Jewish Life and Learning at home – these are only a few!

  • PJ Library provides free Jewish books to kids: If your young children are not already getting a free Jewish book every month, definitely take a moment to sign up for PJ Library! For kids ages 9-11 there is PJ Our Way, which lets kids choose the books they want to receive
  • BimBam has short videos for ALL ages:Whether you are looking for a way to infuse some Jewish content into your kids’ “screen time”, have questions about Jewish rituals and prayers, or want to see contemporary artistic renditions of Psalms, BimBam is a wonderful resource for every member of the family.
  • Listen to Recordings of prayers and songs:Whether you are working on a prayer in religious school, or just getting ready to sing along on a regular Shabbat, you can find recordings of many prayers and blessings here (link to audio library page)